About Us

Histogram Photography Studio has been operating since 2003. Wedding ,Birthday,School events, corporate events etc., We have recorded more than 1500 shows photos and videos for many events such as We have more than 500 customers.

We are an internationally acclaimed Candid Wedding Photography Studio. We like taking the unconventional road and utilising out of the box ideas. Since we love to globetrot whenever possible, we would like to capture your momentous occasion that the layman calls a wedding in all its glory, making it a picture filled with everything that describes your love story and also adding an individualistic twist just because we know how special this day is for you.

Histogram Photography Studio is like family, we get equally excited about your big day, and work day and night to give you a top notch experience that is elegant and fun, no compromises from our side.

We, the men with a digital eye can be reached at +91 98402 24927 / 98844 01929 / 63814 39863 or hisphoto8@gmail.com Let’s catch up for a coffee and sketch your wedding portrait…